Android Apps Marketing: Secrets to Selling Your Android App

Over the past year we have witnessed something remark­able as Android developers have created and posted apps to the Android Market at a steady pace. The Android Market has swelled to over 70,000 apps and shows steady signs of continued growth. The gold rush to sell Android apps is on, and you’ve created (or want to create) the next blockbuster Android app. You see dollar signs and want to be a part of this explosive new business opportunity. So do thousands of your friends, all toiling late nights and weekends to strike it rich. Large development companies also want a piece of the action and have teams of pro­grammers cranking out apps as quickly as they can bring them to market. Compounding the problem is the acceler­ated pace of technology. We have moved beyond “Internet time” referring to the incredible speed at which technology advances, to “mobile time” where technology is deployed almost instantly to anyone with a mobile device. This means that consumers have an avalanche of choices when it comes to the technology and content they consume.

What we are seeing on the Android Market, however, is not a new phenomenon. Amazon boasts hundreds of thousands of book titles, most selling perhaps a few copies a month. Only the most publicized and bestselling books make Amazon’s Top 100 list on its home page. The fact that the top 100 selling books are on the list helps them sell even more copies. It’s self-perpetuating. So, every author aspires to be on that list. In similar fashion, every Android app developer aspires to make it on Google’s best selling list, or to be showcased on the Android Market as a fea­tured app. Developers know that making it on those lists will catapult them into realizing dramatically higher sales. How do you increase your chances of getting noticed? Well, doing no marketing is a surefire way not to get noticed. Marketing in some form or another is going to raise your chances of success. All apps that have achieved notable success have done so through marketing, either intentionally or unintentionally. These apps have managed to attract the attention of reviewers and capture the imaginations of thousands through positive word of mouth.

Beyond posting your app on Google Android Market, you may be wondering what else is needed to successfully market your Android app. In short, lots! The days of simply posting your app on the Android Market and achieving instant success are long gone. Sure, some developers have hit pay dirt, just like the next Vegas jackpot winner. We all love to read those stories. It’s not impossible, but the odds of hitting the jackpot have gone down dramatically. So many apps have been introduced so quickly that it’s impossible for any casual observer to keep track of the 200+ apps delivered to the Android Market each day. Once on the market, customers are faced with the challenge of reviewing scores of similar apps, trying to figure out the best one to download. It’s a tall order for any app buyer.

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