Solved Problems in Physics for IIT JEE Advanced

The IIT JEE (Advanced) entrance examination is unique in terms of the various types of questions asked to determine a student’s depth of understanding of a subject. Keeping this in mind, this book has been designed to provide the students with sufficient questions to let them take the test confidently. The questions are given in the following six chapters, each based on a specific pattern:

  • Objective Questions: Type 1 (with only one option correct),
  • Objective Questions: Type 2 (with one or more options correct),
  • Integer-Answer-Type Questions,
  • Matrix-Matching-Type Questions,
  • Linked-Comprehension-Type Questions, and
  • Assertion-Reason-Type Questions.

Solutions to all the questions are given separately in detail at the end of each chapter to assist self-assessment.

Finally, I would like to thank my family members—Uma Mathur, Nitin, Manjari, and little Aishanya—for their constant encouragement and support.

Suggestions from teachers and students for the improvement of the book will be highly appreciated.

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