Digital and Analog Communication Systems, 8th Edition

Continuing the tradition of the first through the seventh editions of Digital and Analog Communication Systems, this eighth edition provides the latest up-to-date treatment of digital communication systems. It is written as a textbook for junior or senior engineering students and is also appropriate for an introductory graduate course. It also provides a modern technical reference for the practicing electrical engineer. A Student Solutions Manual con­tains detailed solutions for over 100 selected end-of-the-chapter homework problems. For the selected problems that have computer solutions, MATLAB solution files are available for downloading from the Web. To download the Student Solutions Manual and the MATLAB files, go to

One major change for this eighth edition is the addition of more than 100 examples dis­tributed throughout the chapters of the text. Students are always asking for more examples. Most of these new examples have a problem description that consists of only a few lines of text. The solutions for these examples are contained within MATLAB files (downloaded from the Web site given earlier). These files include the procedure for the solution (as described by comment lines in the MATLAB program) and produce computed and plotted solutions. This presentation procedure has several advantages. First, the description for each example takes only a few lines in this textbook, so the book will not be extended in length. Second, the student will have the experience of learning to work with MATLAB (as demonstrated with the example solutions). Clearly plotted results, which are better than hand calculations, are given. The student can also vary the parameters in the MATLAB example to discover how the results will be affected. The author believes that this approach to examples is a great innovative teaching tool.


List of symbols
1. Introduction
2. Signals and spectra
3. Baseband pulse and digital signaling
4. Bandpass signaling principles and circuits
5. AM, FM, and digital modulated systems
6. Random processes and spectral analysis
7. Performance of communication systems corrupted by noise
8. Wire and wireless communication applications
Appendix A. Mathematical techniques, identities, and tables
Appendix B. Probability and random variables
Appendix C. Using Matlab references
Answers to selected problems

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