International Organization in the Anarchical Society – Tonny Brems Knudsen

The Institutional Structure of World Order

This book has grown out of a long-standing ambition to give international organizations a proper place in the English School theory of international society and one that reflects their importance in contemporary interna­tional politics. As editors we were confident that the way to do it would be to relate international organizations more carefully to processes of continuity and change in the fundamental institutions of international society, including sovereignty, diplomacy, international law, great power management, the balance of power and war. Moreover, we agreed that the project—and the discipline—would benefit from a closer engagement between English School, constructivist, liberal, legal and critical approaches to international institutions. We are grateful to the contributors for sharing this theoretical ambition, adding to it and putting it to work in rich and thoughtful studies of the relationship between fundamental institutions and global and regional international organizations.

The first steps towards this volume were taken at the 54th International Studies Association Annual Convention in San Francisco 3-6 April 2013 where the English School section organized an innovative panel to explore the relationship between international organizations and the fun­damental institutions of international society. At the innovative panel, the participants—Christian Brutsch, Tonny Brems Knudsen, Cornelia Navari and Laust Schouenborg—put forward a number of propositions which informed the English School Working Group on International Institutions from which the present volume evolved. Along the way, chapters for the volume have been presented at the ISA conferences in San Francisco 2013, Toronto 2014, New Orleans 2015, Atlanta 2016 and Baltimore 2017 and at the 8th and 9th EISA Pan-European Conferences on International Relations in Warsaw 2013 and Giardini Naxos 2015. We are most grateful to our discussants in these panels, Christian Brutsch, Laust Schouenborg, Robert W. Murray, Dan Warner, Matthew S. Weinert, Barry Buzan, Peter Wilson and Yongjin Zhang. We would also like to thank the participants in the International Theory Workshop at the London School of Economics, 25 January and 1 February 2017, and the participants in the International Relations Research Section at Aarhus University, 30 May 2016, for helpful comments on the book project and Chaps. 2 and 3.


1. Introduction: A New Approach to International Organization

Part I. Theoretical Investigations
2. Fundamental Institutions and International Organizations: Theorizing Continuity and Change
3. Modelling the Relations of Fundamental Institutions and International Organizations

Part II. Global International Organizations and Fundamental Institutions
4. Institutional Constraints and Institutional Tensions in the Reform of the UN Security Council
5. Institutionalising Morality: The UN Security Council and the Fundamental Norms of the International Legal Order
6. International Sanctions as a Primary Institution of International Society
7. China, Great Power Management, and Climate Change: Negotiating Great Power Climate Responsibility in the UN
8. Fundamental Institutions and International Organizations: Solidarist Architecture
9. Competing Norms and Norm Change: Intellectual Property Rights and Public Health in the World Trade Organization

Part III. Regional International Organizations and Fundamental Institutions
10. Global International Society, Regional International Societies and Regional International Organizations: A Dataset of Primary Institutions
11. The European Union Between Solidarist Change and Pluralist Re-Enactment

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